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Old Manor Gardens

An award winning prestige residential development in a rural setting.

Woodhouse Eaves
An outstanding 17,000 sq ft country mansion worth an estimated £6.5 million.
A high profile address in the heart of London city; Knightsbridge for an exquisite project.
Kings Cross Road
A housing association project based in central London with 97 bespoke, horizontal sliding sash windows.
Goadby/Gaulby Estate
A Charter Manor Design project based in the countryside of Leicestershire.
Charters Sunninghill Ascot
Residential development of 34 apartments, penthouses and duplexes required the highest quality finishes.
Briton Street
Renovation of an old textile factory in the heart of the Leicester city was transformed into 18 luxury apartments.
Redevelopment of a derelict within Sileby, Leicestershire.